Friday, May 25, 2012

Little Brett Kimberlin needs more exposure

For some time now, a felon by the name of Brett Kimberlin has been targeting bloggers who refer to his criminal past when posting about him.  Kimberlin has convictions for drug dealing, perjury, and being the "Speedway bomber".  This last was a nasty bit of work that seriously injured a bystander.

Since his release from prison, he became a minor celebrity among left leaning bloggers.  Also -- and this may at least partly be why he seeks to persecute bloggers who refer to his felonies -- he appears to be involved with two charities that together have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are numerous posts on the internet about this unpleasant fellow, and he may feel that the bloggers' actions are threatening to cut into donations and the grants he has gotten from sources such as a Soros foundation, Babs Streisand, and John Kerry's frau.  Or he may be unstable.  Whatever the reason, he has gone out of his way to harm those who truthfully report on his past actions.

Many bloggers have agreed to post on this cretin today in an effort to show solidarity with those bloggers Kimberlin and his associates have targeted.  Although I often don't agree with the politics of Kimberlin's victims, I really hate folks that attempt to bully and intimidate others into silence.  So this is my part of the push back.

Brett Kimberlin is an odious man.  He is a little man.  I hope the publicity he receives today (and over the past few months) leads to media investigations of the charities he is involved with as well as his finances in general.  He owes millions of dollars in damages to a woman whose husband was injured during his bombing spree.  If the aggressive persecution of bloggers reporting on his past leads to increased scrutiny of his finances, and causes him to pay what he owes, I will applaud this new example of unexpected consequences.

Here are some links to get you started

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Blogger Patterico describes his tangle with Kimberlin and his supporters.  It has gone on for about a year,  Patterico also provides a great deal of background info

Lee Stranahan has organized the get-out-the-story day, and provides an introductory video

Perhaps the most harrowing tale is that of blogger Aaron Walker