Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama's family tree grows

Aside from Obama's own seemingly wonderful nuclear family -- he's clearly a caring dad who makes a great effort to raise his children properly, the more distant branches of the Obama tree are not really what most of us picture when we think of presidential relatives.

Sure straight arrow Jimmy Carter had brother Billy, but for the most part relatives of presidents were at least presentable in polite company.

President Obama however has had pretty bad luck whenever his relatives make the news.

His aunt was here illegally, and his uncle just pleaded to a DUI.

Not content with his own disreputable relations, Obama now goes out and claims Trayvon Martin as own of his own.  Perhaps he shouldn't have waded into that political swamp without first checking on the water's depth.  He's claiming that a foul mouthed, (probably) pot smoking young man as being representative of what his own son would look like.  Young Trayvon was proud of his golden grill, may have attacked a bus driver and been a thief, was in trouble at school, sported tattoos, and certainly held low opinions of women.  He was what used to be called a juvenile delinquent.

We can't choose our extended families, but we can choose those who we call family.  Obama has chosen poorly.

Now for the self denunciation:  This post is limited to mocking President Obama for engaging in politics -- his base needed to be reassured that Obama was with them on this -- while events were still unfolding.  He made a similar mistake when Prof. Gates was arrested, accusing the arresting officer of "acting stupidly".  What happened to young Trayvon was a tragedy.  If Zimmerman followed him with the intention of provoking a confrontation, Zimmerman needs to be brought to justice -- either criminal or civil.  Trayvon seems to have been killed largely due to his being black; he deserved a chance at a full life.