Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama and the Dems see Kulaks...

... and want to destroy them as a class (or at least humble their pride before God and the unions) and dispossess them of more of their unfairly gotten wealth -- all in the name of fairness.

Just like Lenin and Stalin before him, Obama has a ready made group to demonize for all his failures.  For him the kulaks ("fist" in Russian) are an elastic class that encompasses Wall Street tycoons, opposition politicians, hardworking folks making above 200,000 dollars, and generally any who oppose his policies.

America's credit rating is downgraded, and his profligate spending can't be responsible.  No! it must be the new kulak class at fault.  The housing bubble pops and it can't be due to the government's pressure on banks to loosen loan rules and the government's buying of bad loans that encouraged foolish practices.  It must rather be the Wall Street kulaks who in their greed forced the proletariat to take out loans they knew they would be unable to pay.

The economy fails to improve that way the five four year plan promised (recall that unemployment was never supposed to rise much above  8%), Obama shouts "kulak!", and the Cheka (in this case ably played by the national press) dutifully locates kulak conspirators and wreckers.

Obama is increasingly open to flying his anti-kulak flag. Witness his earlier unguarded moments when he expressed regret that the SCOTUS had yet to take up "redistributive change", his desire to use the tax code to "spread the wealth", and his admonishment to many that at some point folks had made "enough" money -- presumably on the back of the proletariat.  Those feelings slipped out and at the time he did some backtracking and was at pains to reassure that he had nothing against the wealthy.  Compare that to  his more recent attacks on millionaires, billionaires, corporate-jet owners, and a slew of others.

It may be that the improving economy means that he doesn't have to whip his base and the modern Cheka into a frenzy to get reelected.  So we may not see him in full throated denunciation of society's kulak class during the campaign season -- although Bain Capital will certainly come in for some kulak-style class hatred.  Given that the reelection theme so far is justice and equality, the kulak bashing has already made itself known.  But he will doubtless return to the theme more fully once January 2013 rolls around and he can finally put his feelings into legislation without fear of being turned out of office.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Andrew Sullivan brings his usual facility for illogic while complaining of illogic in others

Andrew Sullivan in his Newsweek cover story puzzles over the "internal incoherence" of Republicans claiming that Obama is both incompetent and a threat to the nation.

He somehow can't conceive that an incompetant person in a position of great authority and power can be a threat.  According to him, the incompetence would prevent the person from doing harm.

Certainly such a thing is possible.  We went through it with Carter and many on the left would say we went through it more recently with Bush.

It's therefore hardly surprising that Sullivan is puzzled: such a possibility is beyond his ability to grasp.  Which may also explain his continued writing for a Newsweek under Tina Brown's incompetent but authoritative hand.

Another area where Andrew "whose baby is Trig" Sullivan might want to tread lightly is complaining about others' connections to reality, as he does just a line later in his piece.

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Friday, January 06, 2012

This is why Obama is a shoe-in for reelection

The economy was his greatest threat to reelection, now he'll go into November with more than a year's worth of fine job growth, increases in manufacturing and a strong economic outlook for the next decade.  And 200,000 jobs a month is looking more and more likely to be easily exceeded as the recovery rolls on.  Lucky for him that economic downturns rarely last four years and that even poorly thought out political choices can't keep our economy down for very long.

No matter that the unemployment rate stays above or near 8%.  People vote based on their pocketbooks and their view of the future.  The condition of both are getting better.  And so long as Obama makes skillful use of his redistributionist rhethoric -- designed to appeal even to the middle class he'll soon begin plundering, he'll sail to another term.

So without having learning anything of value about how to govern, he'll get another shot at installing his version of America.  More taxes and higher spending, with few results and a darker long term economic outlook.