Friday, June 01, 2012

This will be Obama's political epitaph

The Roman historian Tacitus wrote this of the Emperor Galba (3 BC - 69 ) and it struck me that it describes Obama very well:
He seemed too great to be a subject so long as he was subject, and all would have agreed that he was equal to the imperial office if he had never held it.
Many Americans would doubtless agree that the Hope and Change Obama of 2007-08 as built up by his supporters and the press bears little resemblance to the man bumbling through his first three years.

Candidate Obama held out such hope for, well, everything that some let down was inevitable. But the change from what he promised (post-racial, competence, economic recovery, etc.) to the small ball playing, constant campaigner is startling. Turning to the politics of class envy and seeking to pit one group of Americans against another as a way of holding power is a sign of both desperation and a glimpse of his true character.

In the end he should have stuck to voting present, giving inspiring speeches and eating the occasional stray.