Friday, January 06, 2012

This is why Obama is a shoe-in for reelection

The economy was his greatest threat to reelection, now he'll go into November with more than a year's worth of fine job growth, increases in manufacturing and a strong economic outlook for the next decade.  And 200,000 jobs a month is looking more and more likely to be easily exceeded as the recovery rolls on.  Lucky for him that economic downturns rarely last four years and that even poorly thought out political choices can't keep our economy down for very long.

No matter that the unemployment rate stays above or near 8%.  People vote based on their pocketbooks and their view of the future.  The condition of both are getting better.  And so long as Obama makes skillful use of his redistributionist rhethoric -- designed to appeal even to the middle class he'll soon begin plundering, he'll sail to another term.

So without having learning anything of value about how to govern, he'll get another shot at installing his version of America.  More taxes and higher spending, with few results and a darker long term economic outlook.