Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Andrew Sullivan brings his usual facility for illogic while complaining of illogic in others

Andrew Sullivan in his Newsweek cover story puzzles over the "internal incoherence" of Republicans claiming that Obama is both incompetent and a threat to the nation.

He somehow can't conceive that an incompetant person in a position of great authority and power can be a threat.  According to him, the incompetence would prevent the person from doing harm.

Certainly such a thing is possible.  We went through it with Carter and many on the left would say we went through it more recently with Bush.

It's therefore hardly surprising that Sullivan is puzzled: such a possibility is beyond his ability to grasp.  Which may also explain his continued writing for a Newsweek under Tina Brown's incompetent but authoritative hand.

Another area where Andrew "whose baby is Trig" Sullivan might want to tread lightly is complaining about others' connections to reality, as he does just a line later in his piece.

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