Monday, January 31, 2011

This is what happens when you vote present as president

Famous for voting present during his time in the state legislature and US Senate, Obama is discovering that doing so as president has consequences.

Now we have the Muslim Brotherhood and El ("I've been mandated by the people") Baradei declaring themselves the new rulers of Egypt. Of course, this may never happen, but that the situation has gotten so far out of hand is in itself alarming.

Overly cautious in everything other than his campaign promises and homages to himself, Obama has missed the boat in the Middle East. Tunisia is small potatoes, but Egypt is a linchpin nation in the region, and his dithering -- notwithstanding his protestations of having implored Mubarak to straighten up and fly right (Mubarak's evident refusal to be charmed by our very own Nobel laureate must have stung)-- has thrown the region into chaos. Obama had every opportunity to make his feelings known by leveraging our economic aid, but instead chose to gin up his re-election machine.

Time to join Carter in the statecraft school of hard knocks, Obama. And take plenty of notes while there; the world can't afford too many more votes of "present".

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