Saturday, October 16, 2010

German Chancellor Merkel: Multiculti has failed

Make that it has "utterly failed".

The left's most cherished dream and its solution to human conflict was multiculturism. Under this plan everyone would live together in peace and harmony so long as they would acknowledge and accept one another's cultural differences and quirks. The lion would lie down with the lamb and the rose would grow without thorn.

Well, not quite. Somehow they didn't anticipate that when immigrants are encouraged to keep their culture, it often means that the new country's culture must change to accomodate the newcomers -- especially if avoiding conflict is held to be more important than asking anything of the immigrants in return. Things like learning your new country's language, customs and laws.

Well, the Germans have had enough. They've long been known to bend over backwards in their desire to not demand anything from immigrants -- lest their history be thrown in their face. Now, though, the tide has turned. Europe as a whole is busy imposing laws designed to restrict how immigrants can behave (e.g., France's new anti burqa law) and requiring their places of worship conform to local standards (e.g., the Swiss law against building minarets).

Much of that is induced by anti-immigrant feeling, and won't do much to resolve the problems Europe's embrace of multiculti ushered in. What is truly needed is for Europe to demand that immigrants fully assimilate. And that means more than showing movies on how the locals behave (as has been done in the Netherlands and for potential immigrants).

What it requires is a drastic rollback of economic subsidies to immigrants. Only the prospect of economic failure will motivate immigrants to assimilate. This is how America -- the country with the most experience in successfully turning immigrants into productive citizens has done it for generations. Immigrants show up in American and in just a couple of generations they are doctors, lawyers and engineers and, most importantly, Americans.

Until Europe can take that all important step to force immigrants to fight for economic survival, the immigrant problem will continue to fester.

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