Friday, February 05, 2010

It's on. America's Cup racing begins 8 Feb.

Finally, after numerous fits and starts, the decks are cleared of legal questions and the Swiss and US teams are ready to square off. Racing is due to begin on February 8th, of the shores of Valencia, Spain -- the same venue as last time.

The Swiss are defending the cup with a catamaran, while the California based challangers are campaigning a trimaran.

Normally I would favor the catamaran, except that the Swiss backer decided to take the helm himself -- a sure road to disaster. Sure hope I'm wrong.

Here is a link providing a background to the current rivalry. It also has links to the teams, the America's Cup, and the Swiss Institutes of Technology, which provided lots of input to the final design.

UPDATE: Crap. The Swiss lost the cup. Congrats to the Oracle team. As I search for a silver lining, I can point to the race taking place either in SF Bay, or offshore in the Pacific. Both locations are superior to Valencia.

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