Wednesday, July 22, 2009

America's Cup in less than 6 months

The 33rd America's Cup is slated to take place in February 2010. At this point nobody knows where, but the Cup holders (Alinghi) are in mediated talks with the challenger of record (BMW Oracle).

For those who enjoy the racing aspect, rather than the legal side of the America's Cup, I can tell you that BMW plans on using a giant trimaran (some 90 ft long), whereas the Swiss defenders have just begun testing their new catamaran.

This is a complete departure for what we normally see every few years, but is not without precedent. In 1988, a syndicate from New Zealand challenged with a montrous boat. The US defenders at the time knew they couldn't match the boat (due to time and money constraints), so they raced with a much smaller catamaran and easily won.

The current challenge will be settled first in court, and then on the water. I'll enjoy both parts.

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