Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama soon to run GM

Does this mean many of his sycophantic supporters will ditch their Volvos and BMWs for Chevys and Buicks? Perhaps Hollywood will make GM the new Prius.

Obamabots, you have your orders; it will be a hardship, but ya gotta follow the Messiah. Consider it slumming

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama brings the drama

Or the pathos, at any rate. Listening to him relate at his press conference (overall grade A-) how he anguished over whether to sign an order allowing federally funded embryonic stem cell research, one would think he went through Hamlet-level difficulties in coming to his decision.

Actually, what he did was fulfill an old campaign promise. His mind was made up months ago, and didn't require extra convincing. But he seems to have decided that to show that one wrestled with one's conscience is somehow presidential. At the moment, it's about all he can offer on that score.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Memo to Obama: time to take responsibility

Obama, after more than 50 days in office, you continue to complain that you inherited a financial mess. Well, here's some advice: stop whining. You campaigned to become president; you wanted the job more than a child wants Christmas. You knew what you were getting when you sought the office; start taking responsibility for the nation.

Also, tell your employees not to engage in partisan politics. If Rush gets under your skin, ignore him; you can be sure that he'll self destruct in time. Remember, you promised to be post-partisan. Leave the mud slinging to congress and the MSM. The executive branch should be above that sort of behavior -- at least you said it should be. Time to live up to your rhetoric, time to be the person so many voted for.

UPDATE (3/18):  He just can't help himself.  While watching Obama speak to the press, in one sentence he noted (perhaps to remind himself?) that he is the President and thus is responsible for the AIG bonus fiasco.  In the very next sentence, he claims that it's not his fault.  It's beginning to look like Bill Clinton redux.  What a whiny politician he has revealed himself to be.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Messiah's latest phrophecy: Market has hit bottom

Buy, buy, buy, is the word from on high. Obama is putting his credibility on the line here; false prophets are not usually treated well by those they deceive.

But, like all prophets who want to be around for a while, he hedges:
President Obama said “buying stocks is a potentially good deal if you’ve got a long term perspective.”
I happen to agree with this prophecy. I feel the market is near a bottom, and will slowly begin investing.

UPDATE: God is well pleased with His Messiah (Dow up 150)

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