Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minarets in Switzerland?

Want to know what the hot political topic in Switzerland is now? Of course you do!

Well, since you asked, the Swiss will vote next month on a referendum banning new construction of minarets on mosques.

If passed, the referendum, which has just one line, "The building of minarets is forbidden", will ban all future minarets, but not mosques.

At present, only a few mosques have minarets, but applications to add to existing mosques have led to disagreements, and more than 100,000 Swiss voters signed a petition to put the question to the voters by direct referendum.

Below are posters for and against the ban. Shouldn't be difficult to tell which is which.

Some cities, mostly in the Francophone west of the country, have banned the posters advocating a yes vote, while most large German speaking cities have allowed them -- citing free speech guarantees.

The UN is now involved. How unexpected is that?

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