Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gorbachov shills for Putin

From the fringes, Gorbi tries out for Putin's cheerleader squad:
Russia's resurgence, its insistence on protecting its interests, and its ability to play a proper role in the world, are not to everyone's liking. Strangely enough, when Russia was mired in crisis, the west applauded it; today Russia is accused of rejecting democracy and of having imperial ambitions.

Still, there are no real reasons to fear Russia. My country is facing many problems. Learning new ways and building democratic institutions is indeed hard work. But Russia will never go back. The most difficult part of the road is already behind us.
Russia's methods of protecting its interests (especially in the energy field) would make the mafia blush. Of course, as this is the system that Gorbachov grew up with, he sees it as normal.

Russia's dalliance with democracy was short lived. Gorbachov is wrong, Russia never left the time of the Czars and the Supreme Soviet. The modern Politburo is composed of Putin and assorted oligarchs.