Monday, September 11, 2006

New Miss Swiss chosen

The Miss Switzerland competition was held the other night, with a woman from the Italian speaking part taking the crown. Conventionally pretty, but nothing special, she came across as pretty vacant upstairs.

This morning I saw this explanation of why the Swiss enjoy their beauty pageants so much (forget shapely women, it comes down to our government thwarting our global ambitions):
"The Swiss obsession with these competitions does seem slightly anachronistic, but it is explained by the country's unique characteristics," said Fabrizio Sabelli, an anthropologist.

"Many Swiss people want to take part in the global adventure, but the Swiss government either will not or cannot get actively involved in the international scene and continues to cultivate a withdrawn attitude dictated by economic and strategic considerations." [....]
Only a social scientist could come up with such a cockamamie reason why men like to look at pretty young women.