Thursday, December 15, 2005

Aussie riots now religious in nature

At least partly, as roving bands of Muslims have begun targeting churches.
FOUR churches in Sydney's southwest have been attacked in 24 hours as the city's riots spread from race to religion.

A community hall linked to a Uniting church was burned to the ground early yesterday, carol-singers were spat on and church buildings peppered with gunfire.

In response, members of the Arab Christian and Arab Muslim communities have called for a curfew for all Lebanese youths over the weekend.

Most likely the numbers commiting these crimes are small, and they may be attacking churches more out of a desire to upset Aussies than purely religious intolerance. Nevertheless, this is potentially far more serious than the recent French riots--which were largely a reaction to economic straits, discrimination and racism. Many Muslim religious leaders are taking it seriously, and seem to be working with Christian leaders and government officials.

I hope the curfew call is voluntarily observed. If not, there will surely be a mandatory one.

Saw it first on Tim Blair's site, where he has lots of other info and background.