Thursday, July 28, 2005

French politicians are hypocrites? The IHT has an epiphany

French politicians went into protectionist rhetoric overdrive over the rumored takeover attempt of Danone by PepsiCo last week (PepsiCo was suitably deterred and never made the bid). I posted about it, and I'm pleased to note that I anticipated the outcome and the reasons the French would oppose the takeover. The IHT today discovers that French politicians behave just like politicians everywhere.

My original take: War to the knife over this for Villepin, who desperately needs some sort of victory for France....

The IHT editorial: French politicians have taken a battering of late, from the embarrassing defeat of the EU constitution in a referendum to the loss of the 2012 Olympics to Britain. So they sought to win back a few points by rallying the citizens around the national myth of a unique French social consciousness.